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ATLANTA BRAVES 1979-1988, 1991

Rick Mahler, 1983
Not that it's saying much, but Rick Mahler was the best overall starting pitcher for the Braves during the decade. I didn't look it up, but his 79 wins for the decade has got to be the gold standard for that era.
His best year was probably 1985 when he won 17 games. He led the league in losses the following year with 18. 

Rick may have pitched his best career game on opening night of the 1982 season, a two-hit shutout against the Padres. He followed that up with a five-hit shutout against Houston on April 11. Those were the only two shutouts for Rick from that season.

Rick also pitched shutouts for the Braves on opening day in 1985 and 1987. The three career opening day shutouts was a National League record.

I remember Rick as being a pretty good hitter, but when I looked it up, his only career home run came against the Dodgers on June 23, 1982. That home run came off future Braves closer Alejandro Pena.

He did play in a World Series as a member of the Reds in 1990.

Rick played briefly for the Braves in 1991, winning his final major league game on July 29, 1991 against the Pirates.

Rick died in 2005 at the age of 51.

Rick Mahler, 1987

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