Monday, June 16, 2014



Big Ron Reed had an interesting career. He seemed to spend most of his time with the Braves as the #2 starter behind Phil Niekro. His best year was 1969, when he won 18 games and started the second game of the NLCS against the Mets and...well, he lasted 1.2 innings and gave up 4 runs. 

Another bad Braves trade: Ron Reed went to St. Louis from the Braves in 1975. The Braves got Ray Sadeki, who was at the end of his career and won only two games with Atlanta. The Braves also got Elias Sosa, who had a couple of good years before and after being with the Braves, but won only 6 games in two years for the team. You know Sosa and Sadeki didn't have much impact if they couldn't even break into this list of 100! Reed went to the Phillies after a year in St. Louis and was a very steady middle reliever/sometime closer during the next decade. He also got to participate in the postseason six times as a Phillie, doing a bit better than he did in his one postseason Brave outing.

Reed did pitch in one of my favorite Brave games of the 70's. On June 13, 1973, Ron gave up a three run homer to Pirate Richie Hebner. That's all right, the Braves gave him plenty of support (including two six run innings) on the way to an 18-3 massacre of the Pirates that night. All was good in baseball that night.

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