Sunday, June 15, 2014



Glenn Hubbard was truly a mainstay by Brave standards, patrolling second base with the team for ten years. His best years were during the eighties, but he did make an impact coming up with the team as a twenty-year old in 1978 and remaining a fan favorite during the next decade.

My favorite play of  the decade involving Hubbard was on July 15, 1978, when a ground ball hit by Jose Cardenal was turned  into a Bob Horner-Glenn Hubbard-Dale Murphy triple play. My guess is since neither Horner, Hubbard or Murphy was over twenty-one at the time, it may have been the youngest triple play in major league history.

And I never was sure what the story behind the snake was all about.

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  1. Hate to admit to the age of it, but I was in the stadium when the "infant infield" captured that triple play, Horner to Hubbard to Murphy. I've even had a "deep discussion" with a friend who was scouted by and landed with the Braves for a period of time. He could only repeat that Murphy played center field. He did, but not the night he was part of that triple play. LOL